Write It Now: Stop Doubting Yourself and Start Believing in Your Capabilities


Ideas are swimming on the surface of your brain now. It’s time to do it. Make it realize. It’s time to write down those beautiful and amazing ideas before they swim away, down to the recesses of the dark matter of your brain.

You open a new blank document. Fingers ready to hit the keys but stops mid-air. They’re now hovering above your keyboard. You’re late in catching those ideas down, they’re too quick.

What are you gonna do now? Think. Think hard. Open Youtube and play some motivating music. No, it’s distracting you. Okay, open a browser and search for ideas. There you have it.

But no! If you’ll do that you’ll feel guilty for not being original.

Doubts are beginning to surface now. You doubt yourself, your creativity and your credibility being a writer.

Sounds familiar? It’s not just you. It’s also me along with other countless writers out there who are too slow in catching their superb ideas down.

Reading other writers habits and attitude towards writing is almost the same: it always involves struggles, doubts of their talents and jugs of coffee.

Writing has never been easy. And it will never be. It is always about hard work and patience. Add to that are a lot of practice and countless of failures. But most of all, it is all about PASSION and GRIT. If you love what you are doing, you will pursue it no matter what it takes.

So now, don’t be too fast on closing that blank document of yours. Start hitting those formidable-looking letters and just let the ideas spill. Don’t try to stop to think.

Just let it spill. You might surprise yourself.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”
—Richard Bach